Agile Sales Manifesto

Crowsourced Creation of an Agile Sales Manifesto

Agile  Sales Manifesto

The Business Agility HUB, a Community of Agilists and Practitioners -
Selling is a transaction based on Value Exchange, we are uncovering better ways of Exchanging Value by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:


#1 Customer needs over 'Rinse & Repeat' pitch process

People-Centric, Customer-Centric

#2 Always be creating value over 'Always Be Closing'

Value-Focus, Reducing Waste 

#3 Cross-Functional and Iterative engagement with customers over contract negotiation

Collaborative, Embracing Feedback

#4 Adaptability over prescriptiveness

Flexibility, Responding to Change

#5 Courageous introspection and personal accountability over assigning blame

Autonomy, Continuous Learning, Rigor

#6 Transparency over secrecy

Culture, Psychological Safety, Openness


1. Great sales require close alignment, transparency, and quality interactions with internal and external customers

2. Embrace and respond to change to enhance customer value

3. Through active listening, propose a solution only to a level sufficient to ensure effectiveness and customer satisfaction, then expand based on emerging needs

4. Frequent collaboration between cross-functional teams and customers

5. Nourish and support the people’s and team’s motivation and capabilities, help them build the environment they need, and trust them to get the job done

6. Face-to-face conversation is the best form of value exchange

7. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is the primary measure of progress

8. Sustainable value exchange, able to maintain a mutually agreed pace of work

9. Continuous attention to sales solution excellence, responsible and ethical sales practices

10. Strive for simplicity but recognize when only 'complexity will solve complexity'

11. Help to build and support networks of empowered, self-organising and collaborative teams

12. Nurture personal growth, learn from both success and failure, harness your strengths and embrace the different strengths of team and customer

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Sprint 1

2022 - Review of Values and Development of Principles with Business Agility HUB .

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Sprint 0

Mar 10, 2021 - Sprint 0 started as a Research Project "Agile Sales Manifesto" .

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